GruJo's Family 11/2015

GruJo’s started way back in 2005, though no one realized it at the time.

An Army Guy, new to Germany, had met his Fräulein. The products of their relationship would be love, children, and döner kebab.  In 2008, the now happily married couple, relocated from Germany to the Army Guy’s old stomping grounds of Knoxville. That Christmas, the Schweigereltern (the in-laws) came for a visit. Well, they absolutely loved the Smokies, the Tennessee Valley, and the people. Over the course of the next several years, they would visit 2-3 times a year, and it wasn’t just to see their daughter.  During the many visits home by the Army Guy, accompanied by his Fräulein, there was always something that he wished he could share with his friends back here in K-town. When he got back to Germany, his first meal was usually a döner kebab. Some people will argue that this isn’t a German food, but I beg to differ. I won’t go into a history lesson here. Suffice it to say, the Turkish döner kebab may be the original, but the dish Army Guy first enjoyed (and that’s served at GruJo’s) is a German creation.  He enjoyed the food so much, as did most of his American friends in Germany, he and his Fräulein decided to bring the döner kebab to Knoxville. We also brought in several other dishes we like to refer to as “German Street Food”, because most of them are things you will readily find at open air markets or festivals in Germany. The Army Guy and his Fräulein didn’t think they could do this alone, so the Schweigereltern relocated from Germany to Knoxville, to help manage the business, as well as bring some top notch German cooking skills.  Thank you for supporting us and a casual German dining experience.  

Your GruJo’s family,  

TJ Jones – The Army Guy ∗ Julia Jones (Gruber) – The Fräulein

Reinhard and Gisela Gruber – The Schweigereltern

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